Gabriel Wilson’s Lovely is Death

April 23, 2010

This was 2006’s best record. Period.
Gabriel Wilson is the frontman for the indie rock group “The Listening,” which originated out of Longview, Washington. Their music, which is basically what would happen if the Beatles and Radiohead were to jam in a wine cellar, is fantastic.

But this is something else entirely.

I’m not so sure I could accurately describe to you the brilliant undertones that make Gabriel Wilson’s “Lovely Is Death” so unforgettably sharp. Wilson painfully showcases his unique ability to beautifully express brokenness with a sense of abandon in each song. He talks about the pain and remembers the good times in equal measures.

This is the record that talks about his divorce.

“Lovely is Death” stands out as one of the most moving pieces of art that I have ever experienced. The lyrics visceral, the music simply aching and the vocals calm with a hint of sorrow, this must-hear likely won’t offend, but might inspire or describe the inner workings of the listener.

You can hear two songs on Wilson’s Myspace page ( ), or look at ordering it on his self-operated record label, l-town ( ).


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